Prospective Certificants

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Certification has its privileges!  The Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)®/Professionnel en sécurité agréé du Canada (PSAC)® designation is considered a benchmark in the OHS profession and the designation of choice for Canadian OHS professionals.

As a safety professional, you have many options and choices when it comes to your career path. Only you can make the choice to pursue a certification. Pursuing the CRSP®/PSAC® designation will set you apart from others in your field and will have a measurable impact on your career. CRSPs/PSACs receive the best opportunities for career advancement and are sought for their expertise.

A 2011 study on the Perceived Value of Certification indicated that achieving the CRSP®/PSAC® designation:

  • Is an indication of professional growth,
  • Enhances professional credibility,
  • Provides evidence of professional commitment,
  • Enhances employability and mobility, and
  • Increases earning potential

Many employers prefer or require applicants for OHS positions to hold the CRSP®/PSAC® designation, particularly for mid-career and senior positions. The CRSP®/PSAC® designation provides employers and the public with the assurance that certified individuals possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform competently.

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